Suncuiser – We Won`t Ever Know

Be prepared to extend your music-collection and playlist. This July, american band Suncruiser are releasing their first single «We Won`t Ever Know». Their electronic/indie-pop sound is for everyone.

In 2014 Dan Pirello was about a week away from embarking on a solo tour
across The United States.  He had bought a pick up truck, converted it
to run on vegetable oil and booked six shows that would get him from San
Francisco to Brooklyn in a little over a week.  As the reality of the
potential dangers of this kind of solo expedition began to set in Dan
called his longtime best friend Tom Tierney and asked him if he had any
interest in flying to San Francisco to go on tour.  Tom responded by
buying a plane ticket and heading west.  It was somewhere around the
continental divide that the two realized this was more than just much
needed vacation for two old friends. After about a thousand miles of
deliberation they decided to call the band Suncruiser and never looked

They made it to Brooklyn on one tank of diesel and about fifty
cubes of vegetable oil.  They played their last show and immediately
entered Tom’s recording studio (Spaceman Sound) to start working on the
record.  They recorded «Trains» the first day which would become the
last song on their self titled debut album.  Over the course of the next
two years Suncruiser was forged as the two tirelessly wrote and recorded
the album in the studio.  They are now poised to hit the road again,
this time in a van as a four piece with a fully realized sound and
aesthetic inspired by the freedom of the open road.

In september the whole album will be released.