SunCruiser nominated for the WigWam Online Radio Awards

Nominated for best popsong.

They have doen it again, Suncruiser are cruising in to playlists and are now also nominated for the best popsong.

We really love the smooth, laid back, semi-psychedelic sound that Suncruiser have developed and their willingness to explore new creative concepts. The material from this Brooklyn-based duo manages to perfectly capture a strong retro vibe while still remaining completely contemporary. They have made an impressive start to their recording careers and we expect big things from them in the future.» So say the host of the British Online Radio Show on WigWam, Mike Green.

The nomination was announced on 9th of august and resulted in increased streaming numbers and a A-listing in Norway underground radio Radio Harstad.


«Every week we update our playlist and use the system of A-B-C and D-lists. A-list is for our favorites, wich we mean deserve the most rotation. Suncrusier delivered a fantastic summer good-feeling with the single «We Won’t Ever Know». It was an instant hit for both our staff and with good response from the listeners. It’s simply delicious when such songs come to our radio station. Unanimously, Suncruiser sailed onto this week’s A-list».  So say Tommy and Siri, musicplotters, Radio Harstad.

Suncruiser Dan Pirello simpley answers

«This just fuel us to work even harder, and make more music so we can reach even more people».

Awards-show will be aired live on Radio Wig-Wam on friday.